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Welcome to the Greek School in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to engage our students’ minds in the understanding of the Greek heritage, through the teachings of the Greek language and culture.

Dir: Katerina Iconomou / 503.997.5459 / / 3131 NE Glisan Str., Portland OR, 97232 / Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

Children's Classes

Here at Greek School Pdx it is our goal to provide all of our students with the opportunity to work in developing their reading and conversational skills, increase their vocabulary and improve their spelling and use of grammar.

Every week in class the students are given a variety of assignments to help them achieve certain benchmarks. Occasionally there will be some homework as we believe that homework is an important step in reinforcing what the children learned in class.

Thank you for supporting your children in their journey of learning Greek as a second language.

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Our School Year Consists of 2 Terms, Oct-Jan, Feb-May. They are held every Saturday morning and they last 2 hours. Tuition per term is $200 / student ($250 for non-parishioners). Textbooks and materials are $25.

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OCTOBER 30, 2018 BY 6:00 PM

Call or email us! We will be happy to answer any question you may have.

tel: 503.997.5459

Adult Classes

The adult classes are tought by Maria Boyer, who has studied linguistics and has taught Greek to adults for many years. She meets weekly with her students. They cover reading and writing from the first day. Through frequent review and practice, they are engaged directly with the Greek alphabet with no aids from Latin (English alphabet) characters. The lessons are based on Maria Boyer's own text, created especially for people with English as their first language. She guides learners step-by-step through discrete features of grammar and how to strategize in communicating with even limited Greek.

Short readings utilizing each new feature and building on what has been previously covered are designed to produce a feeling of real accomplishment.
Pronunciation is analyzed and there is always a section on orthographic tips for students who have some mastery of spoken Greek but have never learned to write. Inevitably, such spelling sessions illuminate the origins of English vocabulary, sometimes to the astonishment of everyone.  While much of the class is devoted to formulating Greek sentences, the class usually ends with a period of attempts at casual conversation. Laughter is a regular result.

The study of a language always brings revelations of a culture's unique perspective. Some have brought gasps as students come to understand why our Greek parents said the things they said.